Thursday, 5 December 2013

Color Club Antiquated Swatch

Hey girls, sorry for the week long break! I just got back from Krabi. Hope all of you are enjoying holidays and getaways too since it's December! Today I have Color Club Antiquated. I might not have mentioned this before but this is my first Color Club polish. The place where I normally get my nail polish from recently, or a few months ago maybe, started stocking Color Club so I decided to give it a go since they were quite affordable. I'm not loving this buy a lot though, you'll see why in a moment. 

The formula of this was decent, 2-3 coats for each nail. It's a silver, metallic shade, reminds me of aluminium foil. 

I had no problems with the polish itself. It's just that, the shade I expected wasn't what it looked like when I painted it on my nails. 

In the bottle, it looks slightly more bronze-ish and copper-y but it disappeared when I painted my nails with them :( So this was a slight disappointment. Nonetheless, the polish itself was great so no complaints there.

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