Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Blue and silver checkers

Hey ladies! Check out last weekend's nails. They're far from perfect but for one of my first attempts at freehanding this kind of full-hand mani, I think that they look decent. I was actually very pleased with this. I love how loud my nails looked this weekend! I could almost feel everyone's eyes on them heh!

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Nicole by OPI Swatches

Hey ladies! Finally found the time to put together this post! I've been super busy with my part-time job, driving lessons and catching up with friends. I've booked my driving test already. It's on the 16th of July. Fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly and that I'll be able to finish all my lessons in time, plus get in some extra practice before the test :)

First up is NOPI Purple Yourself Together. This one has a copper/gold shimmer which I tried to capture in my photos.

In the sun.. Look how pretty it sparkles!

I'm not exactly sure what happened on my middle fingernail... maybe it's Seche Vite shrinkage :/

Next up is NOPI Justa Busta Mauve. Repeated bottle shot.. ignore the purple nails haha. This shade was duper tough to photograph. I tried for like 10 minutes, adjusting lighting and camera settings to no avail. I just couldn't get a decent shot of the polish. However, in real life, the red/pink and blue shimmer is clearly visible and it's every bit as gorgeous as it appears in the bottle

Yeah, my miserable attempts. Even in broad daylight, I couldn't get a decent photo. I think the glitter freaks my camera out or something. Nevertheless, formula for both NOPI was great. I used 2-3 coats for each nail and 1 coat of Seche Vite top coat.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Polish Haul Saturday #7

Hey ladies! I've been treating myself to a lot of new polish nowadays so you get to see the results of it! Hehe. Anyway, I've recently discovered that Nicole by OPI is sold in some Watsons outlets and Catrice is sold in some Guardian outlets so I'll definitely be hitting up those places for those polishes. I've never actually tried those brands before and I'm beyond ecstatic that I found them in Singapore! And the price was quite decent too. The Catrice was $5.90 if I remember correctly and the Nicole by OPI $12.90. I also found out that Essence polish is sold too although I can't recall where I saw them so I have to do some searching around again. Alright, let's get to the polishes!

From left to right, Catrice Oh My Goldness, Nicole by OPI Just Busta Mauve and Nicole by OPI Purple Yourself Together.

First up is Catrice Oh My Goldness. This one looks more copper than gold although I'm pretty sure the name is implying that the colour is gold... We'll see when I swatch it.

Nicole by OPI Just Busta Mauve. This one's a bronze based polish with red and blue shimmer. The polish looks AMAZING in the bottle! I can't wait to try it out!

Nicole by OPI Purple Yourself Together is a purple shade with copper shimmer. The shimmer is gorgeous but visible under brighter lighting. It's also the purple polish on my nails right now. I was too excited to use them haha! The proper photos and review will be up soon!

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Purple checkers

Hey ladies! Quick post. I used Essie Jamaica Me Crazy as a base and then did accent nails on my thumb and ring finger.

Ready to see my accent nails? I'm super in love with them!

I think it turned out quite gorgeously. The silver polish used is OPI DS Radiance. I wanted to use my new polishes and I'm glad I managed to incorporate the use of two of my new shades :) Tell me what you think of this mani in the comments! I'm thinking this design would look great as a full mani and not just as accents!

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Polish Haul Saturday #6

Hi guys! Aren't you all excited to see this week's new polishes? I know that I'm excited to share them with you! This post is gonna be posted a day late but I'm typing this on Saturday so.... the title is still legit. Heh. Anyway, it's been a while since I've treated myself to so many new polishes at once so without further ado, let's get to those photos!

All the six new polishes. I'm sorry for the hazy looking photo but I had to play around with the photo settings because my lighting is non-adjustable and too bright so it blinds my camera and prevents it from capturing the colour of lighter shades. The first bottle of polish is actually a pastel green which is totally not visible. From left to right, we have Essie Navigate Her, Essie Jamaica Me Crazy, Orly Boho Bonnet, China Glaze Not In This Galaxy, China Glaze Exotic Encounters and OPI DS Radiance.

Next up we have the close-ups which are as colour accurate as I can get them.

First up is Essie Navigate Her. A pretty pastel green that I can't wait to use!

Next, we have Essie Jamaica Me Crazy. This one's a fuchsia shimmer that reminds me of jewels.

Orly Boho Bonnet. A blue grey creme.

China Glaze Not In This Galaxy. I've swatched this one already. In my previous post. Here's the link if you haven't seen it: http://nailsandcolour.blogspot.sg/2013/05/second-holo.html

China Glaze Exotic Encounters. I've been lusting after this polish since it came out last year but I never bought it. Well, I finally caved in last week. Can't wait to try this one out! It's a pretty teal.

Last but definitely not the least, OPI DS Radiance. This one was a spur-of-the-moment buy but hey, one can never have enough silver polish! And it's OPI too!

What do you think of my new buys? Do you own any of them?

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Second Holo

Hey ladies! I have a new polish to show you today. It's not in any of my Polish Haul Saturday yet but it will be in the upcoming one! Along with 5 of my new polishes so I hope you're as excited for that as I am! I couldn't wait to use all of my new colours but I decided to start with China Glaze Not In This Galaxy. So this polish is a holo but this range of holo polish wasn't very holographic and sparkly thus, I kinda had a problem catching the beautiful sparkle.

The last photo is the closest I got to capturing the holo so I had to show it despite it being blurry. I hope it at least gives you a vague idea of the shade though.

Even with the holo being visible only under strong and bright lighting, I still found this shade very pretty on its own. I would definitely wear it more!

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Extra Relaxed 31 Day Challenge - Day 8 - Metallic

Hey all! So it's the weekend again. And I'm doing my challenge. This is starting to feel a little bit like a chore every week because I'm feeling so uninspired :( I'm trying to get more inspiration by looking at magazines and other nail blogs when I'm free. So hopefully my next mani is more exciting. 

Metallic nails. My idea was to actually do like silver with studs. The only problem was that I don't actually own any studs and nail glue. These are currently on my buy list but I haven't gotten round to finding them. I have no idea where to buy studs from. Do you think normal art stores will sell them? So unfortunately, because of that, I have to make do with my plain silver nails *pouts*

It's okay though. Because, I finally get to break out my unused OPI Moonraker! I haven't actually used this on it's own despite owning it for about 3 months? 

I LOVE the frosty look it has. It makes it feel more metallic to me lol.

And this is completely random (when you look at the title of this post) but I just counted how many nail polish bottles I owned and I have a grand total of 106 :) I'm super happy and proud! I feel like a proud Mum haha! My nail polish collection is something I love and take pride in and my obsession only begun in the end of 2011 so I'm amazed and how it's grown. Maybe one day I'll photograph my entire collection and put it up here to show you guys!