Sunday, 5 May 2013

Extra Relaxed 31 Day Challenge - Day 8 - Metallic

Hey all! So it's the weekend again. And I'm doing my challenge. This is starting to feel a little bit like a chore every week because I'm feeling so uninspired :( I'm trying to get more inspiration by looking at magazines and other nail blogs when I'm free. So hopefully my next mani is more exciting. 

Metallic nails. My idea was to actually do like silver with studs. The only problem was that I don't actually own any studs and nail glue. These are currently on my buy list but I haven't gotten round to finding them. I have no idea where to buy studs from. Do you think normal art stores will sell them? So unfortunately, because of that, I have to make do with my plain silver nails *pouts*

It's okay though. Because, I finally get to break out my unused OPI Moonraker! I haven't actually used this on it's own despite owning it for about 3 months? 

I LOVE the frosty look it has. It makes it feel more metallic to me lol.

And this is completely random (when you look at the title of this post) but I just counted how many nail polish bottles I owned and I have a grand total of 106 :) I'm super happy and proud! I feel like a proud Mum haha! My nail polish collection is something I love and take pride in and my obsession only begun in the end of 2011 so I'm amazed and how it's grown. Maybe one day I'll photograph my entire collection and put it up here to show you guys!


  1. Ebay? I get most of my stuff from there, or theres kkcenterhk or born pretty store?

    1. I've never bought stuff online before so I'm a bit hesitant about doing it :/ Trying to find it locally first if possible! But thanks for the suggestion :)