Thursday, 9 May 2013

Second Holo

Hey ladies! I have a new polish to show you today. It's not in any of my Polish Haul Saturday yet but it will be in the upcoming one! Along with 5 of my new polishes so I hope you're as excited for that as I am! I couldn't wait to use all of my new colours but I decided to start with China Glaze Not In This Galaxy. So this polish is a holo but this range of holo polish wasn't very holographic and sparkly thus, I kinda had a problem catching the beautiful sparkle.

The last photo is the closest I got to capturing the holo so I had to show it despite it being blurry. I hope it at least gives you a vague idea of the shade though.

Even with the holo being visible only under strong and bright lighting, I still found this shade very pretty on its own. I would definitely wear it more!

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