Saturday, 13 April 2013

Polish Haul Saturday #5

Yay! So it's Saturday once again and I finally have new polish to show! I wasn't intending to buy polish but this pretty shade caught my eye while I was at Watsons. FYI, Watsons is an Asian personal care store brand so it's basically a beauty store that offers common brands. And sometimes, I can find hidden treasure like cheap nail polish that is actually of decent quality. I've never actually heard of the brand Golden Rose but I was attracted by the colour and 'one step maxi brush'. So I kinda reviewed this product which I normally don't do for my Polish Haul Saturdays but I figured since I had only one polish and I couldn't wait to try it, I might as well review it. Okay, let's move on to the photos :)

This polish doesn't have a name. There might be a name code or something but there were a lot of numbers and alphabets on the label and I couldn't figure out if any of them was it's 'name'. Maybe when I get more shades from this brand then I'll be able to figure it out! My excuse to shop more hehe ;)

Anyway, this shade is teal but it was hard to capture so my photos make the colour look more blue than it really is :/

I used 2 coats for these photos. The 'one step maxi brush' is a LIE. The brush was great! It was fat, which I like, because I get to use fewer strokes so there's less chance of messing up. The formula required at least 2 coats for full coverage unless I used one thick coat which would make spreading the polish tough. The colour is gorgeous though! I would totally wear it for a whole week if I could. However, upon removal, I found out that it stains :( And I only wore the polish for a couple of hours. I guess that might also be because I don't use base coat, I haven't picked up the habit of using a base coat yet. I will definitely try this again with a base coat and let's hope the results are better :)

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