Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Hey girls!

This mani was done awhile ago but I really loved it. The main feature is the nail sticker on my thumb. Which my lousy phone camera could not really focus on up close. I was organising my polishes a few weeks ago and taking down all that I own (do look out for my whole nail polish stash that I'll be getting up soon, yay! ) as well as digging through my nail stuff and I realised that I own a lot of nail stickers! So yes, I'm gonna start making good use of them since I figure they're a really easy way to spice up any mani. They're just a little tough to remove. Like my acetone ended up breaking it into little pieces and a chore to pick off my nail. 

Anyway, the gorgeous red/bright coral that I used as a base colour is OPI Lunch At The Delhi. 

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