Thursday, 17 January 2013

Split Personality?

Today I have one of the polishes from the China Glaze Transitions collection. Let's welcome Split Perso-nail-ity! This is a lovely, pretty dusty pink. But do forgive me, I was so caught up in admiring the gorgeous pink colour on my nails that I forget to try some nail art with my top coat :/ I'll be sure to do some swatches with top coat the next time I use this polish!

Split Perso-nail-ity under my lamp. It was a very hard colour to photograph, so this isn't exactly very colour accurate. It's a bit lighter and less purple in real life.

My second attempt. And then I gave up and went to my balcony.

In sunlight. This is more colour accurate, it looks like a more light and sweet pink on my nails.

I took this when I was on my way home. This is the most accurate photo thus, I had to show it and I'm so upset about that chip on my thumb nail but the colour here was so pretty I couldn't resist :X

Overall, I really love this polish and the China Glaze Transition collection looks pretty impressive. Definitely considering getting Modify Me and Duplicity! What do you think of this collection? Great idea for nail art newbies like me.

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