Friday, 25 January 2013

Thanks A Windmillion with a dash of silver

Hello! So I finally have a break from work and I get to paint my nails. Oh painted nails how I have missed you so. Thank goodness I'm only working from Monday to Wednesday next week so I only have to see naked nails for 3 days. For today's mani, I've actually spent the last 4 days picking something new to try. I wanted to try everything from accent nails to saran wrap and even newspaper nails(yes, up till now I still have not attempted that) After much deliberation, I finally settled on doing a saran wrap manicure! I've attempted it once in the past on my toes when I was still schooling. For this mani, I used OPI Thanks A Windmillion and China Glaze Platinum Silver as the second colour. WARNING. The colour contrast is hard to see and almost non-existent in certain lightings but I have grown to like the subtle shine it gives the green base in the past few hours. 

I actually like how certain angles you see more silver(shine) than others. It kinda looks like silver shatter to me too.

Overall, I like this combination! I didn't at first because I could barely see the contrast and was a bit disappointed with the results but I think the subtle-ness is what makes this so pretty! What do you think? Are you a fan of saran wrap manicures? 

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