Thursday, 7 February 2013

Keep Calm And Paint Your Nails

Hello everybody!! This post is super overdue I'm so sorry! :/ These were my nails last weekend when I decided to swatch China Glaze Keep Calm, Paint On. I was supposed to get it up by Monday or Tuesday night but.... I was too tired after work. Seriously.. working in a theme park is the most tiring job ever. At least it's fun though. Okay, back to my nails!

Keep Calm, Paint On is a very light minty pastel green from China Glaze Avant Garden Spring Collection 2013. It was a difficult colour to photograph, I'm not sure why though. Maybe because it's so light. 

The two photos below were taken with the sunlight streaming in from my window and I just decided to snap a couple of shots from there.

The application was a bit tough because the formula was a bit thick and creamy. I did really love the colour though so at least wearing this polish was worth the trouble of applying it. I think I used 2 coats and 1 layer of top coat. I really love this polish! In fact, I love a lot of the polishes in the Avant Garden collection. What do you think of the collection? What are your favourites?

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