Sunday, 10 February 2013

Swatches of Nature Republic polish

Hey girls! So today, I have some swatches of the Nature Republic polishes that my friend got for me about 2-3 weeks ago! Nature Republic doesn't actually name their polishes so the polishes just have codes - boring *yawns* 

The first one I have is APK204. This one was a beautiful bright pink, very wearable for any occasion. I didn't realise this needed some cleanup around the nails till I photographed them so it's a little bit messy :/

Overall this polish has a good formula! I only used two coats and the coats were a bit thick but the brush was able to spread the polish out so it worked out well eventually. It was also quite shiny. These photos do not have any topcoat. 

On to the next one, this one is called APP401 and it's a light pink that looks a bit white under certain lightings. This is the kind of polish that would look good as a base for glitter!

This one was a bit sheer and you can see my nail line in the second photo but I only used two coats so I'm pretty sure it will be totally covered in three. I was a bit unhappy with this though because I could see brush strokes which I think more coats wouldn't be able to solve either. That's why I think this polish is better worn layered with glitter to cover the ugly brush strokes. 

What do you think of these two polishes? Any polishes you like but may not use much because of visible brush strokes?


  1. Not a massive fan of pink but i do like the top one for the shade.. It looks almost crelly-ish, i agree on the brush strokes for the second one though x

    1. Yeah, the first shade is pretty :) Brush strokes kill pretty colours, I'm guessing because the finish was a bit frosty that's why there are brush strokes!