Friday, 15 February 2013

Liebster Award

The Liebster Award is given to blogs and bloggers that have fewer than 200 followers and are deserving of recognition and encouragement. There are four rules that I must complete in order to finalize my Liebster Award:
1. Each person must post 11 things about them.
2. Then, you must answer the questions that the nominator sent you, plus create 11 new questions for bloggers you nominate.
3. Choose 11 people and link their blogs in yours.
4. Go to their page and let them know you nominated them!

11 random things about me:
1. I don't only have a nail polish obsession! I'm also obsessed with shoes, rings, earrings and clothes. Shopaholic oops :)
2. I don't have a favourite colour, I love almost all colours equally.
3. Bubble tea is my favourite treat to end any day. SUGAR OVERLOAD <3 Speaking of which, I drank one today.
4. Bridge is my favourite card game. I even play it online with random strangers when I have the urge to play but no one to play it with.
5. I like to do this thing which I call quote-surfing when I read life, love or random quotes online on tumblr or blogs.
6. I was in a choir for 6 years of my schooling life. 4 years in Secondary school and 2 in Junior College.
7. I lived in Copenhagen, Denmark for 2 and a half years.
8. I have never sprained or broken any part of my body - perks of not being in a sports CCA(co-curricular activity which is basically an after-school activity)
9. My favourite sport is football! I love watching and playing football or what Americans call soccer.
10. I get super easily affected by caffeine and have to avoid drinking anything caffeinated after 5 or else I'm most probably not gonna be able to sleep properly at night.
11. I'm quiet until I get to know someone, and then I will talk to them so much until they'll probably get sick of me :P

Rachael from's questions:
1. What was the very first polish you posted on your blog? This one's easy because my blog is so new. My first polish was Revlon Dreamer!
2. What is the most you would pay for a nail polish? Well, so far it's about 12.90 SGD which is about US$10.40 but recently I've been tempted to splurge 20 SGD on OPI Goldeneye because I can't seem to find it anywhere as it's always out of stock!
3. What is your favourite polish? OMG how do I just pick one?! I'm loving OPI Not So Bora-bora-ing Pink and OPI Thanks A Windmillion.
4. What is your favourite type of Nail Art? French tips!! Like colourful french manicures :)
5. What is one thing you would like to improve on? Errr painting the nails on my right hand aka having better control with my left hand.
6. What is your biggest guilty pleasure? Watching Korean dramas until 2 in the morning and regretting it the next morning!
7. What is the most 'Extreme' thing you have ever done? Climbed over my school back gate, skipped school and went to watch a movie with my friends LOL.
8. What is the geekiest/nerdiest thing you have ever done? I'm not really sure what is considered geeky/nerdy! Is wearing my socks high counted hahaha
9. What is your favourite nail product and why? Seche Vite top coat!! It makes my manicures perfect! Even when I don't paint it completely evenly, Seche Vite never fails to smoothen everything out.
10. What was your favourite childhood cartoon? Totally Spies! Omg three female spies, I admired them!
11. Name one thing about yourself that not a lot of people know. I can be rather bitchy.... oops ;)

 Questions for the bloggers I nominate(I reused 2 questions):
1. How old were you when you started being into nail polish?
2. Who or what inspired you to start a nail blog?
3. If you could only use one nail polish brand for the rest of your life, which brand would you choose and why?
4. What is your favourite type of nail art?
5. Name a skill that people are not aware of.
6. What is your favourite application on Apple/Android?
7. What is the nicest thing you have ever done for someone?
8. Name one thing that never fails to make you happy.
9. What is your favourite nail product and why?
10. What is your number one pet peeve?
11. What is your all-time favourite movie?

The nominees :)
1. Storm at Storm and Stars
2. Alana at Something Polished
3. Frances at Polka Polish
4. Jamie at Polish, Please!
5. Nail Girl - I'm sorry I don't know your name :(
6. Emily at Emalitsa
7. Dixie at Dixie's Cup

I encountered the same problem as Rachael so I'm stopping at 7 because I don't have many other people to nominate.

Yay! I'm done :)


  1. Thanks for the nomination! I'll work on my response to the post. :)

    1. No problem :) I'll look forward to that!

  2. I read it! This seems really interesting! lol