Saturday, 16 February 2013

Late Valentines' Day Manicure

I do apologize for posting this manicure so late, two days late in fact :/ I was working from Wednesday to Friday and was just really tired at night to finish everything and do my posts. But better late than never right? :)

Okay, so on to my V-Day Mani! For this, I started with Revlon Creme Brulee and used 3-4 coats.

The colour was very pretty, it's like a pale gold, and it made me think of China Glaze Fast Track although I think that polish has way more glitter and shimmer than this one. Application was pretty tough. With 2 coats it looked fine but a bit uneven so I used another coat and suddenly little air bubbles started surfacing and it somehow became more uneven.. I guess maybe I should have given more time for the polish to dry properly. 

Next, I used tip guides and OPI An Affair In Red Square to create something that I just googled and realised, is kinda like a chevron manicure.

I think this looks really cute! I know it is a little messy and I realised I should've properly pressed down the tip guide so that the red polish doesn't get under the tip guide which defeats its purpose. But I'm happy that at least my thumb, ring finger and pinky look decent :) 

I actually wanted to do something like hearts but my nail art is terrible and I didn't even know how to begin that. Surprisingly, this mani reminds me of Iron Man! Must be the colour combination hehe.

Thanks for stopping by!

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