Sunday, 11 August 2013

Polish Haul Saturday #12

Hello! Yes, I acknowledge that this post is late. I'm sorry. My time management is horrible. Like I always think I don't need so much time for some things then suddenly, I have no time for other things! Sigh. :( In my defence, University starts tomorrow so I was busy getting those last-minute admin stuff done! I'm actually excited for school. Haha, is that crazy? Some of my friends think I am. Anyway, on to my new nail polish!!! I'm particularly excited for this one because I got a gift, or two from my friend and it's BUTTER LONDON!!!! I've never owned a Butter London polish in my life so you can imagine how excited I was when my friend suddenly gave them to me as a birthday gift. I was still telling her oh it's okay you don't have t get me anything when she was taking it out. And then I saw it. I was like 'GIMMEEEE' in my head of course hahaha. I was so happy! And I found out that Sephora in Singapore has started selling them. I'm so gonna head over there the next time I'm free or happen to be in a mall with a Sephora in it. 

So my friend got me Butter London Slapper and Butter London Queen Vic. Both really gorgeous colours! I've already worn Queen Vic on my fingers and have her(?) on my toes now haha.  

Close-up shots to show the polish bottle itself!! EXCITED~

Butter London Slapper.

Butter London Queen Vic.

And I also got myself some polish. These are Catrice Karl Says Tres Chic and Catrice Mint Me Up. Both colours are really pretty. Couldn't resist not buying either one of them!


Catrice Karl Says Tres Chic. I think this is the only kind of 'nude' shade I can pull off.. I haven't found a proper nude that looks good on my tan skin unfortunately.

Catrice Mint Me Up. This one is really pretty! Can you see the little bronze-ish flakes inside?

Any particular polish you wanna see swatched first? Or else I'm just gonna do the Butter London first because it's BUTTER LONDON AHHHHHHHH.

Haha, thanks for reading! :)


  1. I have Slapper and I LOVE IT! I'd love to see swatches of the other one though :) and the Catrice!

    1. Ooooh really? YAY!! I can't wait to try them all! :) Thanks for commenting!! xx