Saturday, 24 August 2013

Polish Haul Saturday #13

Yay!! I'm gonna be able to finish this post up while it's still Saturday here. It seems like such a challenge to get posts up on time nowadays. Maybe I should start doing a couple at one shot when I'm free and then schedule them for certain dates? But it's hard to find a long period of free time where I can be on the computer. I've got so much research to do lately! And it's only coming to the third week of school yikes! At least I do find some interest in what I'm studying so that's a good thing :) Okay, on to my new polish!

No, group photo today because... the photo was ugly and I didn't realise till I started this post.

First up, Ciate Twinset and Pearls. My first Ciate polish yay! Isn't she pretty? The polish isn't really white, it's more of a sheer.. I'm not even sure what colour it is. It's quite transparent but there's a purple-ish shimmer inside!

Butter London Poole. I have a new love for Butter London polish! They're a little pricey here in Singapore. Slightly more than double of what I can get an OPI for :/ But the colours are so pretty that I can't resist haha!

Butter London Fruit Machine. A pretty pastel pink! Not sure how this would look with my skin tone though.

Butter London Thames. I LOVE THIS ONE. It's so unique in my collection! And the green is so beautiful!


  1. Theyre £14 each here - pricey! Ciate arent much cheaper either!

    cant wait to see swatches of Thames and Poole they look gorgeous! x

    1. Ooooh, I went to convert that to SGD and it's actually slightly cheaper here :o Hehe okay! Those swatches will be coming up soon :)