Sunday, 17 November 2013

Catrice Mint Me Up Swatch

Quick post before I get back to work! 

Today, I have Catrice Mint Me Up. It's a beautiful minty green. Reminds me a lot of OPI Thanks A Windmillion, except that this polish has bronze-ish/copper shimmer. It's so pretty. I used 2 coats but I found the formula of the polish a little thick. I guess the small, fat brush and slightly thick polish made the polish a bit lumpy on my nail so I had to be careful when painting. But I think all Catrice polish seems to have similar formula so I don't think it's like an accidental problem? Oh well, just have to be more careful when I'm painting. 

Hope you girls are doing well :) My exams start next week so I'll try scheduling posts in sometime during the week so I don't have to get so stressed up nearer the dates. They'll be mostly my past swatches because I haven't had much time to get my creative juices flowing to do nail art :/ But I promise those will come in the holidays (DECEMBER YAY CHRISTMAS).

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