Saturday, 9 November 2013

Polish Haul Saturday #16

Hey girls! This is the most rush Polish Haul post I've ever done. I actually only got these like this afternoon and I'm putting them into a post already. I'm just so excited to share them with you all. And I've also been deprived of shopping for nail polish for way too long. One of the downsides to being in university; I really have no time to go to town (there's what we call the major shopping area in Singapore although it's not actually a town) to patronise my usual shopping areas :( But today, I managed to rush down after a group project (YES, school on a Saturday sighhh) because I needed to exchange something from H&M and I decided I would also treat myself to new nail polish because I haven't done that in awhile :) Last week's Polish Haul stuff was actually bought at least a few weeks earlier so I haven't had the time to admire pretty colours in awhile. I think I'm more in love with choosing new polish than actually the whole process of painting my nails haha! But I do love the end product. Pretty, freshly-painted nails can really brighten up my day! 

So yeah, today I treated myself with 5 new shades :)

From left to right, Color Club Hot Like Lava, Orly Goth, OPI Suzi Sells Sushi By The Seashore, Color Club and Essie Using My Maiden Name.

Close-ups are more colour accurate.

Color Club Hot Like Lava. Okay, I was kinda judging the name since lava is red/orange in colour and this is pink. But whatever, the sparkly pink is gorgeous. I hope the sparkle appears on the nail too. I have high hopes for this polish.

Orly Goth. Again, judging the name. Goths don't sparkle.. I'd imagine they be all black? Hahaha. But anyway as you can see, I was in a pretty sparkly mood. 2 out of 5 polishes have obvious glitter bits.

OPI Suzi Sells Sushi By The Seashore. No complains here. I was too in love with the pearly pink. These pinks are absolutely perfect, I hope the formula turns out as lovely as it appears ♥♥♥ <-I have recently discovered how to make this symbol and I really love it haha. Please bear with me.

Color Club Warming Trend. This deep red is so royally lovely. Yeah, I think I just made up that phrase. It just looks so royal and elegant. It reminds me of OPI An Affair In Red Square but I think this one's a little deeper and darker.

Essie Using My Maiden Name. I was attracted to the lighter purple-ish shimmer in this one. I wasn't really able to capture it in the photo though. Maybe it'll turn out better in the swatches :)

Yay! I'm done. I really enjoyed doing this post! I love sharing new polish with you all. Do tell me in the comments if you have any of these shades and love/hate them or if you want to see a particular one swatched first!

Thanks for reading ♥

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