Friday, 8 November 2013

Sally Hansen Lavender Marquis Swatch

Hey ladies! Yay, it's Friday! And my dreaded Oral Presentation is over! I really dislike presentations because I'm horrible at them and the nerves get me every time. I didn't even dare to paint my nails the few days before! But thankfully, the presentation went well like I didn't fumble although my voice was a little shaky at parts. But it's over and that's all that matters! :) And I can paint my nails in peace again :P

Anyway, I have an old swatch for you today. This is Sally Hansen Lavender Marquis. A really pretty light pink (or purple). 

This shade was a bit sheer so I think I used 3-4 coats for each nail. I really love how soft this colour is though. The formula wasn't too bad though despite me having to use a minimum of 3 coats.

Thanks for reading!

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