Friday, 15 March 2013

Holo Over The Taupe

Hi ladies! Infrequent posts again I know! :( This time it was because the website that I use for watermarking was so slow in loading and I do these posts at night so I was basically falling asleep at my computer while waiting! I guess I need to find another way to watermark them. Any suggestions? :)

Today's mani is very simple but I love how bling it looks! Hint, BLING. Can you guess what I used? Yup, holographic top coat!! Hehe. My base polish is the new and first brown polish in my collection, OPI Over The Taupe.

It's a gorgeous brown~ It's like a pretty mud colour, if that even makes sense haha. 

And next the holo top coat!

Look at how gorgeous the holo is in direct sunlight!!

This was in bright light(not sunlight). It's like rainbow sparkle whee~

I love my holo top coat! Makes it super simple to transform a mani! Here, I used 2 coats of top coat because I wanted more bling :)

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