Friday, 8 March 2013 Is Such A Budapest

Hi ladies! I think posting twice a week has become a norm for me now. I'm so sorry! I'm trying to learn how to manage my time and make posting a more regular part of my life. Currently I only paint my nails twice a week and swatch maybe once or twice if I have new polishes to show you. But I also wear my new polishes for more than a day which is why my posts tend to be a little infrequent. Please bear with me while I attempt to try posting more! 

On to today's polish! Still on OPI's new collection.. I hope you're not bored of it because I still have one last polish which should be swatched sometime next week. I'm wearing OPI You're Such A Budapest with OPI on top which is the pink, blue and purple glitter.

I think the glitter is gorgeous on it's own but I'm not really loving this look.. Maybe I'm just not a huge fan of glitter or that I just don't like this colour combination of polish and glitter sigh :(


  1. now i really like it! i think rather than covering the whole nail i would do moons or tips but they look gorgeous together colourwise!

    also, hope you dont mind me posting this here, but been on my phone and couldnt link them:

    inlinkz for the 31 day extra relaxed:

    and the facebook event:

    for sharing :)hope you're still going to join in! xx

    1. I wanted to do tips but I realised I would have to do many coats of glitter which would mean a lot of drying time so I gave up and decided to just layer it on haha.

      Oh thanks for the link :) I will definitely try to join in and rush my first few weeks hehe.