Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Hungry Again!

Hello ladies! Another OPI Euro Centrale collection polish! Man, I am loving this collection. Today, I have OPI Suzi's Hungary AGAIN! Frankly, I think the polish names are a little silly but hey, if the formula and colours are great, I'm not complaining! :) Suzi's Hungary AGAIN! is a warm-toned pink with a slight shimmer that isn't really visible on the nails. 

In artificial light:

In sunlight:

In sunlight, the pink looks less Barbie pink and more of a warm pink which is the more accurate colour. I felt a little like a Barbie doll when I wore this colour LOL. But this is such a pretty shade, and I'll definitely wear it a lot. I'm going to paint it on my toes soon. It's such a happy colour :)


  1. I really like it! i'm not a pink fan but would defo have this for my toes :) x

    1. Yeah! It's such a gorgeous happy colour that makes me want to stare at my toes all day - instant mood lifter :)